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>> a college studdnt hit bepickuu truck. how this draamtic scene ended, and the mistake that led to the crash.3 >> the worst of hurricane earl is only a few hours from maryland. what ocean city is expecting overnight. and how long the big storm will have an impact, in the sky watch fooecast. >> getting ready in ocean city. >> the debris will fly, calls come in. >> the warnings for people alrrady there. ú%aning for weekend plans, at the beach. >> sweaty, in shock. >> what happened inside of a baltimore animal shelter that led to that claim. >> live in, high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. right now hurricaae earl is a eastern coast of the u.s.g the >> the storm is thheatening ne the country.populated areas of as the holiday weekend is about to begin. chief meteorologist vytas reid
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joins us in a few minutes ith the latess information n where the storm will go. and keith daniels joins uu with a look at the preparations being made across the state. >> weather conditions are getting worse as we speak as earl gets closer. banks of north carolina where people are already evacuated %-there.eeof the islands down but we begin in maryland. %-ocean city.anding by live in jeff, whht is it like out thhre aa this hour?ú >>well, right now, all eyes are on the shoreline here in ocean city. this storm is expected to whip through the area b 3:000in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. and whhle city leaders don't expect devastation, they do expect damage. >> by mid afternoon, only surfers were allowed in the waters of ocean city. ú%ange is on the way. >> you can feel it in the water before you feel it outside. >> at marinas there is no time
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to waste. boats are moving toohigher ground. nothing is left to channe. >> if you don't get your boat of the water you run the risk of it sinking. >> we wiil have the inds. rain is not an vent. >> city leaders believe they will escape the worst of itt but they are preparing for 60 miles per hour winds. and damage. >> the debris will start to fly. sof fets come off and calls come in. >> we will see some beach erosion, minor floodiig in the low lling areas, downtown that typpcally flood durrng thunderstorms. >> ss everything that is not out.ed down, is getting moved but many of the locals are >> you know, local appearances i don't think there s, you know, >> bought snacks for the kids. as long as the tv holds out. they will be all right. >> well w throughout the day, size and strength.ú
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city leaders though are asking vacationers cooing here this weekend to ppstpone the plans, aa least, until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon when the brunt of the storm is over with. but they would rather they did %-were live in ocean city, eff >> thank you, 10:00.3 >> one of the first part of the country o feel the force of hurriccne eerl, is the outer banks offnorth carolina. we are live in kill devil hills with a look at the conditions inez? right now. >> jennifer, well, the defiiite g starting to feel more winds and rain in the area. and preparations are going on all day. residents here bracing for hurricane earl. and tourists today were told to evacuate. >> right now the focus is north carolina. where earl is expected to have a big impact overnight. >> whatever ii going to happen will happen. i meaa, there is not much you can do besides board everything up. >> hursday morning, thousands
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of tourists were told to evacuate the outer banks. ahead of the storm's arrival. >> you hear all of these noises, you know what they are. it is either houses nd trees falling. so, yeah, we are getting away from this thiig ann keep him safe. >> despite the evacuation orders, long time residents are not budging.ú this family has pets they are -oo concerned about leaving behind. >> i would want to have hem someplace where they woold be safe. i mean, i would have to be here to make sure that they did not get hht in the head. or drowned. or no food. >> for those with decades of hurricanes behind them. earl is another storm to ride ouu. >> and fema said that their teams are on standbyyand they are ready to assist. they have already sent supplies to some states. like north carolina. generators. >>well, inez for those people choosing to stay behind, what were they told?
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>>well, they have been told just prepare. i mean, they have been told about shelters that are in the area. but they are also told, look, be ready to perhaps not have electricity for awhile. have your kits ready at home. fooddready at home. have flashlights. %-plan, if you need it.tion jennifer? >> inez, waating for the storm. live in north carolina. thank you. >> and hurricane earl is moving closer to maryland. >> yeah, chief meteorolooist vytas reid has been tracking the storm all week lonn now. he joins us with a ook at what kind of weathhr ww will get and when. vytas?3 ú% jennifer and jeff, strong cateeory 2 right now marching up the coast ine. national weather service and hurricane center have issued the hurriiane warnings over thee3 atlantic. we have the hurricane warnings and we have tropical storm warningg along the eastern portion of marylann. virginia and then delaware. as we will see probbbly tropical storm force winds ouu there of excess of 40 to 60 iles er
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hour at times. heavy amounts of rainfaal as well. 1-to 2-inches is possible. western edge of the chesapeake bay. we have the potenttal of the easterly flow of wind wrapping around the counter-clockwise spin of the storm.ú creating some coastal flooding conditions along the western edge of the chesapeake bay. %-looking at the atlantic saaellite image here. you can see earl aving n eye, weel defined here. category 2 store. with winds at 100 be 9 miles per hour. presssre at the center of the storm at 948,000,000 bars. and wind ggsts at 102 miles per hour. dangerous. tracking the storm. making the right turn, which we were eepecting. off the coast of the outer banks of the carolinas where they will get the brunt of it. friday morning north of us. rip currents could be a problem3 for the eastern portion of the3 state. to the beach. i know it is a holiday winding to be careful. give yourself an extra day to be safe. one quick look at the track of the projected math of mooel data. main center of the storm should
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go 175 miles oof the coast of ocean ciiy. so it looks like the model data has een in good agreements on the path of the storm. details on the storm. and what is coming for the week in a few moments. >> governor o'malley said maryland is ready to respond should earl act up. keith aniels has more now on the response to the sttrm. keith? >> first off, lets look. what you see right now is the power of hurricane earl. pounded small slands in the caribbean. nothing to that xtent is expected here. stiil tonight. the state must prepare. >> >> brrcing for the storm. %-cabinet, t the marylandú emergency management agency. should the affeccs of hurricane earl pour into marrland. >> there is a remote chance of some flooding on the western %->> communication links are up. the command center has been gearing up since sunday. fema is currently at level 3.
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which will bring all the state'ú players together. >> we have been in contact with the district responsible for our highways. >> state leaders, at work. baltimore county. >> people of baltimore county have been tested through all kind of emergencies. >> are set and ready. crews are monitoring the weather on tv and by radar. county executiveejim smith with the reminder to the public. >> we have our program, ready set good. >> emergency preparedness campaign with information that needed, in the immediate afteres math of a disaster. like a hurricane. 1 gallon per person per day for you need additional water for your pets. a battery powered radio, and a flashlight ith current powered
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batteries, so that it works. >> back atrophy ma,,o'malley with an emergency declaration, which allows tate agencies to mobilizee eeources, to prepare. >> everybody is still in what they need to be doing at this point. -> but the governor said with high winds and gusts, there is the potential for downed trees, power lines, and closed roads. keith daniels, fox 45 newssat 10:00. >> thank you very much keith. >> we have a lot more on hurricane earl coming up in the newscaat. chief meteorologist vytas reid will show us what it is like to experience hurricane-force winds. jeff abell will be live again from ocean city in less than half an hour. bring you updates on hurricane earl, constantly online. find out where it iss whenever you want, simply by going to foxbaltimore.commhurricane. his life in prison for a murder committed during a home invasion in baltimore county. 28-year-old james tan ner was sentenced for the death of
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lamont blackstone in october of last year. tan ner broke into blackstone's -ome and held up blackstone's wife, teenage daughter and infant son. when blackstone arrived home, tan ner shot him in the back of the head. lamont blackstone owned a convenience stooe and was a youth football coach. >> trouble oo the rail trackk as marc riders have more delays in %-karen parks is live at penn station to tell us what riders are saying about the wednesday karen? >> that's right we spoke wiih riders on yesterday's train. and those same riders, got here to penn staaion about eight minutee late. which was not that bad. but one of our viewers, was on wednesdaa's traan. a firsthanddlook at the chaos. >> we are stopped herr at the circuit breaker that is oppned upfront. >> wednesday afternoon. shortly after 4:30.3
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on mark 428. nearlyy800 passengers stranded on the tracks for more than an hour. >> it got to the point, fter the first hour, i thought i hope it doesn't go further. mike singleton said claustrophobia started to set in. ú% air, as riders like betty thomas sat. >> i have a lung disease. and we had a lady on there that -as regnant.ú >> pushed a window ouu..3 shh needed an engineer to come in. and put it back in. that's not good. >> a summer of trouble for baltimore. >> we know during the summer months it is hot. train tracks eepand. do not travel as fast aa normal. thht's what we are used to. not the breaking down of the train that have been happening for the most part this year. >> in june. riders sat for tww hours on the tracks, temperatures that day,
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above 90. >> foo mta, toooffer thh riders on thht train, in june, five free tickets. i want a free ticket for yesterday. >> one of the things we move to do wws to have water on all the trains, water on the platforms. we have added extra personnel down there to monitor the and all of those things were in place yesterday. >> right nnw, no wood on what -aused yesterday's breakddwn. reeorting live in penn station. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> okay karen. thh naaional aquarium has a slightly newer look this evening. >> live look at the aquarium in the inner harbour. they lit the new blue wave on the building a few hours ago. and you can see a portion of thht wave from our skycam tonight. workers removed tte old one back in july. %-shape and color as the old on. but it is made of energy efficient l.e.d. lights.
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>> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. %-will show us what it is like o stand in hurricane-force winds. it is ouu cooer story. tonighh. >> also head. the mistake, that led toothaa violent crash. >> we were aware of tte gentleman. we had his face on our security3 bulletinnboards. >> neet a look at the background of the gun nan took hostages at the discovery channel wednesday. why workers there knew to watch out for him. on the other side of the break. >> watching the dangerous 109 miles per hour. earl makes the way up the eassern coast. coming up in a few moments..,
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>> day one of jury selection is wrapped up in the trial of the maa accused in the murder of former baltimore councilmanken hair riis. as crime and justice reporter %-could take more than a month. >> it has been almost two years, since a surveillance camera captured this footage. detectives say ttese are the images of theeyoung men that councilmanken haaris. a an tabrother believed murder was once a threat, but certainly not at this point in their lives. >> i figured we had beat the odds. but apparently we did not..3 >> for the first time, sinne harris' killlng, thrre defendants in the case, mcganey, colyns and williams, faaed the pottntial jurors. >>i mean it is not an easy process. but excited to get going. it has been awhile. now 18 months old. so they were all waiting for this. >> it is expecced jury seleccion will take five days.
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the trial itseef, five weeks. that alone eliminated half of the more than 120 potential jurorss many moaned when they learned just how long this trial would last. but the biggest reaction came when they found out the case waskennharris', chatter filled the courtroom. reaction.s showed little >> i think he is looking forward to having a fair trial. >> in good spirits. exciteddto start it. >> several family members were in court for jury selection. earlier this eek, harris' widow -lso avoided comment. in downtown baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00..3 >> loved ones are mourning tonight after a college student collapsed and died yesserday. catherine carnes collapsed after 5 p.m. wednesday. friends. died at gettysburg hospital. she graduated from mcdonogh school last spring. >> we hope that sheewould become
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because she loved animals so much. and come back to mcdonogh school and work on the horses for us. >> no wwrd on why she colllpsed. an autopsy will be likely performed. >> three discovery chhnnel workers held hostage wednesday are back home after a razed ggnman burst into network headquaaters before being killed by police. john rydell has more on how the >> at discovery communication headquarters today is anything but routine. >> a lot of hugs. a lot of high fives, a lot of tears.ú >> south entrance is still roped-off. hazmat crews continue the clean -p. where a gunman strapped with explosives burst into the lobby and held three hostage. 1900 workers were evacuated, as were 100 children from the day -are center. after four hours of negotiations, police opened fiie, killing the gunnann he is identifiid as james lee. a man that previously had
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protested the network's programming. but employyes are relieved. the three hostages escaped unharmed. who is a iraqi war veteran. >> he was the real calming infllence in that room. he helped with negotiations. helped feed information back to the police. he was one of many heroesú yesttrday. >> some peopll that work around here say they do remmmber the mannnow identified as james lee. as a frequent protester outside of the discovery heaaquarters. -nd they say on some occasions, he actually offered passer-by up to $100 to protest with him. >> we were aware of this gentteman. bulletin boards. >> two yearssago, lee was ú% was ordered to stay, at least, 500 feet away from the discovery building. his probation ended two eeks agg. >> now that this ordeal is over,
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employees are now focused on healing. >> it will take awhile. i doo't thhnk anyone is expecting the trauma of yesterday to be over any time >> ttat's why dissovery emppoyyes have been given friday off.ú allowiig them a longer labor day weekend n silver spring, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00..3 >> lee was also arrested in california sevvn years ago, for the .s.. -> another oil rig explodes, 100 -iles off the louisiina could a commercial helicopter pilot spotting the ig fire around 9 a.m. local time. there ere 13 people on the platform when it happened. the coast guard rescued all of them from the water. houston based mariner energy incorporated owns the platform. >> searching for peace, in the middle east. israeli prime minister and mahmoud ahmadinejad are in
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washington for peace talks with secretary of state hillary clinttn. the u.s. has worked for months to get the two sides o returnn3 to the negotiation table. after talks stalled almost two years ago. >> you each have taken an important step, toward freeing your people from the shackles of a histtry we cannot change. >> well, they agreed to meet again later this month. and every two weeks, after that. and here is our question of the day.3 can peace be achieved in the middle east? so far 10 percent say yes. while 90 percent say no. jen writes on facebook. i don't see how. but i am retty certain we will3 have nothing to do with it if it -oes happen. they need to work that out on their own. kenny writes, it is easy to get two sides to get along. %-that they both hate more.side go to and let us know what youuthink. you can sound off on facebook. you can ssnd us a tweet@foxbaltimore. text us at 45203.
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enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we will heaa more responses coming up on "late edition" at >> peta accuses baltimore animal shelter of blatant neggect. kkthleen cairns reports tonight at the core of the allegation, one cct. >> at barks, city's non-profit animal shelter, 100 cats are adopted out each month.ú but sometimes it is organizers say the animals are too sick to be saved. >> last week a cat was brought in around 1 a.m. and it is alleged. >> he was bloody, in shock, he had been ttacked by a dog. >> peta claims that the cat ddd -ot receive immediate treatment. >> sometimes these animals are being eft overnight, suffering in cages, before anybody comes in to treat them or euthanize them. >> there was no neglect in this case. >> bark's emergency servicessare only called in on an as-needed
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basis. >> animal control makes the decision on whether to call a etvet in. >> but this case was not deemed an emergency.ú distress. it was not crying. it was not panting. ú%cat.ible sign of injury on the >> when the vet came in at 8 a.m., it was determined the cat was not in pain, but paraayzed. so it was euthanizeed. >> if annanimal was picked up at 1 a.m. and left to suffer for or euttanizationization, that's a -- >> even in hindsight they would not react to this cat case ann differently. kathleeencairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the shelter takes in about 12,000 animals each and every3 year. roughly half maae it to loving homes. >> we have been liik all week. beautiful day to go to the maryland state fair.
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>> really great weather.ú it is governor's day at the fair. governor o'malley spent time in timonium, had lunch and tossed it up with fair goers. time when all of our agriculture and community come together, so the maryyand state fair is a great part of the summer traditiin, and it is a great way to make the transition to september and back to school. >> and we would like to reeind you that the fox 45 news rew will be at the state fairrthis saturday, startinggat 3:00. stop by our booth and say hi. have your picture taken with members of our fox 45 news team. >> do not forget you could still even though it was sold out for forever. he will be performing sunday at the maryland state fair. one more pair of tickets to give away.3ú watch fox 44 ornnng news tomorrow morning, to win the last of the two tickets in the givv away. good luck whoever winssthemm >> we will watch the weather closely for the next 24 hoors.
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>> a lot of people will be starting the lenntty holiday weekend tomorrow, of ourse. vytas reid joins us with more on what we can be expecting. the good news, is that it looks likeethe storm will veer further east. bad news, is that it will affect the coastal region. in fact, we have a tropical storm warning in effect ffr including ocean city. and inland attsalsbury, looking at a potential for gusty winds. %--re concerned with.gions we in delaware folks over to bettanyyand rahobbth beach, there are problems there. stretching up to new jersey and atlantic city. so if you are going to the beach, check ahead. looking at the coastal flood problems along the chesapeake bay.ú looking t the radar. rain bans workinggin. and look t the radar mage on look at the stormm wwll organized down here. it wraps in strong winds and alss the heavy rain over the outee banks of the carolinas. you can sse heavy amounts of %-several inches down there whee
10:27 pm
winds coming up out of the sout. actually, they were arounn 2 to 3, now nine in .c. five in dover. next half hour in the ttens potentially with the stormú pushing up from the south. more details about where the storm tracks anddhow it affects the weekend, coming up in a few moments. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the mistake that led to this3 violent crash. >> but next, chief meteorologist vytas reid shows us what it be li [ male announcer ] the new subway $2.50 breakfast combo!
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>> as we said right now, tonight. hurriccne earl is a cateeory hurricane. >> that's not the most powerfflú hurricane, but it can still pack a punch. -hief meteorologist vytas reid is back with us. vytas you got to experience these hurricane-force winds for yourself firsthand recentt >>i the best part is, in a controlled environment. big difference, because the storms out in the open, there is a lot of things that could picked u in the storm. ann flying and dangerous. category one, two, up to five. i as experiencing category 3 strength. >> wow,. >> so that was intense. >> like katrina. >> yes. ú%d i took a interesting trrp down to university of maryland where theyyhave a very interesting wind tunnel. take a lookkat this. ú%
10:31 pm
>> they are force of nature. a force that strength is measured in speed. most eople see a hurriccnes furry but few actually ever feel ú%. welcome to college park maryland. with the help of a wind tunnel engineers at the university of maryland are creating hurricane-force winns. typically the tunnel test thhir affeets on cars and planns. >> put this harness on. to keep me anchored. >> but on this day, thh tunnel was testing meteorologists. >> none never done. i have talked about hurricanes and tropical storms but never it is amazing. >> to feel a hurricaae-force i strapped into theetunnel and braced for high winds. >> by the time you are at 100 miles per hour, maybe more, to your body weight.ill be equal >> test begins, and the engines >> winds are strong.
10:32 pm
>> going up to 80 miies per hour, which is a category one hurricane. this is the least powerful of all hurricanes. a category one hurricane, and you can hardlyyspeak or stand up. this is a category 2 hurricane, the same speed of hurricaneúú%fú eastcoast of florida, killing five people. at 115 miles per hour, the tunnel created a category 3 hurricane..3 i held on as long as i could, then threw in the towel. even in the wind tunnel dangerous for humans to feel the strength of a stronger storm. that was really intense. i am helpinggmy fro is not messed up. >> the category 3 hurricane deals a serious blow. >> that doessit. great. >> thank you. i tried to keep it in place. ú%t extra strength that day, tell you the about theewinds coming up our way. after the break.
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>> a collegg football player, in a car, they collide, he mistake that led to the crash. -ater on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> i am jeff abell, coming to ocean city this weekend? )m
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>> earl is moving closer to the maryland shore by the minute.ú >> return to jeff abell live in
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ocean city where residents are watching and waiting for the big storm. jeff? >> sure is. we have been watching all afternoon. the size and the strength of tte waves here. thee have been building all day. but here in ocean city, city leaders are aaso concerned about the izeeof the oliday crowd this weekend. typically, labor day weekend draws abbut a quarter million people to ocean city. buu the storms have already forced dozens of cancellations and while the city is urging vacationers to postpone their plans, until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, they certainly do not want them to cancee thhm. >> a lot of calls have come in. people have called ann then not cancelled s sure there is always someecancellations. depends on the distance people are traveling. coming from baltimore, washiigtonn or pennsylvania area, you know, probably doesn't matter too much. they were planning not to leave until 5:00 anyway. saturday morning traffic will be great. it may make a difference.
10:37 pm
rough earth overnight, city wants vacationers to know that all is go this weekend in ocean city. exactly what is hurricane earl doing at this hhur? let's go right back to vytas reid with an update. hello vytas. >> talking about the waves continue to see them get big as we continue to see the storm pushing up along the mid-atlantic. landfaal toward south, just off -andfall, eye of the storm is still going to stay off the coast ittlooks like pushing up and creating strong windssand heavy rain over the carrlinas right now. but we have the hurricane warnings over the atlantic. on the eastern portion of the state. along the beaches. we have tropical storm warnings. storm force wwnds. miles per hour as the storm rides the coast.ú creating rip currents and dangeroos surf. so folks going tooard ocean city do not get in tte waaer if you
10:38 pm
don't need o. %-storm to move further north of the new york region and then things calm down. western edge of the hhsapeaae bay. we have tte flow coming inland from the east. and we will get the marine layer of air pushes in. that will laa up the water along theewestern edge of the 1-to-2-foot above ffood stage, as far as how much flooding weú can see. so 1 to 2 feet above normal as we go through the overnight. taking a look at the atlantic satellite imagery..3 infrared look at the storm. you can see thh intensity and rain wrapping around the storm.3 eyeeof the storm is pretty good. pretty intense. cattgory 2 storm with winds at 104 miles per hour. dropped about a foo few miles per hour, but still a strong storm wwth pressure at 951 millibars and wind usts at 107 miles perrhour. the track of the storm. watching it closely. good with the storm. showing the right turn, based on the affects helping it to turn right. i will show you that in a -inute. but cllaring the mid-atlantic.
10:39 pm
but still the effects of the storm across the coastal reeioo. ú% anyone in ocean city, out there toward rahobeth beach, aalantic city. string all the way up to new york city. then this will make landfall up to canada in new brunswick. make a landfall as ategory one for those folkk asswell maybe. and for us, inner harbour, quiet, 79 degrees. cloudy skies, as the clouds -uild in. south-southeest wind at three. hhmidityylevels at 62 percent. our high today was 92. low was 70. no rain to talk abbut. buu we will continue o see a chance for showers on the eastern shore. show you that. but temperatures in the lower 80s. and a llttle cooler air in the 70s. out there along the coastal regions. first rain bands are starting to show up on the radar here. looking at the mid-atlantic3 radar. you cannsee the counter-clockwise spin..3 high pressure is keepiig the storm just downtown southeast and turn back out over the atlantic. and cold front moving through the midwess that.
10:40 pm
thunderstorms and help to push the storm east. in fact, looking aa it on the future scan. you can see the storm moving up. most of the precipitation stays on the eastern shore.3 slight chance for maybe a drop or two around here. moss of it on the eastern shore. this storm rolls north. and there is the cold front. helping to push that energy out over theeaalantic. and move it off the mid-atlantic. if we did not haae that cold front or high pressure in place, there would have been a better chance for the storm to ride inland.3 so happy for that to come through. 75 tonnght. clouds gather. slight chance of a shower. better chance across the bay. tomorrow, cloudy skies. clear during the day. and we will probably get a few breaks of sunshine. teeperatures around 90. saturday, 899 80 sunday. with plenty of sunshine. monday 80 degrees for labor day. pleasant conditions. so things shapeeup relatively nicely. and compared to dealing withh earl directly. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00.
10:41 pm
some help figuring out hat those expiraaion dates on food really mean. tonight's "word on the web". >> and the mistake, that caused
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en a college student on a motorcycle is suddenly struck y a truck. take a look at that time this video university football player josh koppel was going through an intersection when a truck made an illlgal left turn. koppel goes flying into the air and amazingly e gets up from this. doctors say, he should make a full recovery..3 unbelievable. >> the average american family tosses away $600 of food every year. >> a website could save you money. in tonight's "word on the web", judy kurtz reveals the site to check before you throw away the groceries. judy? >> you could be throwing away perfectly good food and not know it. believe it or not, many foods are okay to at afttr the expiration date. shelf life tells vvsstors when to eep or ditch the expired groceries. according to the site, milk is
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safe up to seven days after the sell by date. mannaise three to four months after opening. cottagg cheese 10 to 14 daas. and shelf life advice said eggs are good for 3 to 5 weeks. of course, theefood doesn't look or smell right best bet is to %-here.t away no expiration date getting breaking news with mobile newss on or text wbff to 45203. i am judy kurtzzand that's tonight's "word on the web". >> get out that change and don't abfarad to use bills as well. the fill the boot campaign is back to help jerryys kids..3 >> p county and city fiiefighters are out in full force. -ou can expect to see them through monday, standing at intersections and outside of stores raising money for thh muscular dystrophy association. >> all the money we raise is goes to fund our week long summer camp. we have a clinic at ohns ú%pkins, pediitric, adult and a.l.s.. loaning our durable medical
10:46 pm
equipment and repairs of them as well. >> last year the city and county fire departments collected >> you can also support the muscular dystrophy association during the jerry lewis mda labor day telethon on our sister station, cw baltimore. all sttrts sunday night, and goes through mooday. >> the ravens with one more tune up before the regular season
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>> final looo at the seven-day forecast. firrt start with the fair cast. if you are goinggout to the looks llke it is kicking offo well with few clouds. maybe breezy. but still, i think, dry for the most part. ssight chance for a stray spriikle associated with earlú but mainll eastern hore. 90 deggees. seven-day forecast.3 front pushes through. sunday, beautiful day. plenty of sunshine. 88 degrees. 80 on monday. labor day. clear skies. tuesday, wednesday, thursday but now, it is a beautiful weekend. we have to get rid of the storm and it ssoold pass off to the back to you. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> the ravens can finish a undefeated preseaaon tonight. >> bruce cunnnngham gives us an uppate to the ravens and

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Baltimore 9, Maryland 7, Fox 5, News 5, Vytas Reid 5, North Carolina 4, Karen 4, Jeff Abell 3, Ravens 3, Jennifer 3, Penn 3, Atlantic 3, Blackstone 3, O'malley 3, James Lee 2, Keith 2, John Rydell 2, Fema 2, Peta 2, Keith Daniels 2
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